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Jewelry Grade Onyx Stone
Hand Carved and Polished
Square With A Sloping Bevel - 6"

Fierce colors create patterns of light and contrast across the surface of these imposing marble ashtrays. Milky green white clouds are broken by bands of red, orange, and yellow, which explode vibrantly to create a whirlwind of color.

Polished smooth the colors become even more vibrant, refracting and reflecting in the surface of the marble,

glimmering with a faint translucence that allows you to peer into the depths of the stone.

At 6" X 6" square these ashtrays are more than a casual utility, they are an undeniable piece of any rooms ambience, uplifting and enhancing the sophistication of the space, while retaining their functional purpose.

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stone ash trays
stone ash trays

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ash traysash traysash traysash traysash traysash trays

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