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PebbleArt Inc's line of quality novelty gifts are hand crafted from natural stone. Each and every item you purchase from us will have its own one of a kind natural characteristics, based on the way the individual stones we use were shaped, making every gift we offer entirely unique.

The PebbleZ People
Stone Paper Weights

grown up pet rocks

The Pebblez People are mysterious creatures that live in caves, mountains, and amongst the boulder fields of the world. A secret race until recently, they are very friendly, very intelligent, and very shy. Some of them have offered to join our exchange program, and go live with humans, in order to learn more about them. However, their timid nature may make it take as many as 20 years for them even to get up the courage to take a step while a human is around. However, they make wonderful, quiet, low maintenance friends, who will always listen when you have something to say.

You will have to pay a $4.95 adoption fee for your Pebblez Person

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PebbleZ Pet Paper Weights
All the pet without the mess

pet rock novelties

The PebbleZ Pets aren't as outgoing and friendly as the PebbleZ People, but they are very sweet and they love to snuggle. The great thing about these pets is you never have to walk them, and they only eat rocks so the food is inexpensive. If you've ever wanted to snuggle with a rock, then these are the perfect friends for you.

You will have to pay a $4.95 adoption fee for your Pebblez Pet

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