Archive for June, 2007

Natural African Stone Candle Holders

A line of candle holders that are hand carved and imported from Africa

Artistic Wall Clock Updates

PebbleArt has just released a whole new line of artistic, wild, and creative clocks

The Chaos of Inspiration

Sometimes we need a little chaos, it keeps us strong, it makes us creative, and it allows us to come up with new concepts

Insperiences, Bringing the Natural World into Our Homes

An insperience is an outdoor experience which is undertaken in an indoor setting.

At home in the blogosphere…

Just a quick update on some of the blogging experiences we have been having

African Soapstone Vases

The introduction of our line of African soapstone vases

Our Newest Clock - Abstract Orbs

The newest creation from artist Minerva Stone is an intriguing stone desk clock

Welcome to Artist Minerva Stone

A big welcome to our newest artist, Minerva Stone. Minerva is a talented fabricator and mason with 5 years experience working in natural stone materials

Custom Stone Tables

PebbleZ is now offering a service whereby they will create a totally custom stone coffee table from you out of a variety of stone materials