Archive for August, 2007

Rainbow Stone Executive Desk Clocks

A hand carved natural sandstone desk clock, made from real imported Indian stone

Crystal Cluster Gemstone Mantel Clocks

an imposing mantel clock made from real pieces of natural gemstone

Red Zebra Marble Sloping Desk Clocks

A tiny desk clock made from imported Pakistani marble and polished smooth

Fire Agate Gemstone Desk Clocks

A brilliant fire red gemstone desk clock, made from slices of natural agate

Rainbow Stone Executive Desk Clocks

A sharp looking executive desk clock hand carved from beautiful Indian sandstone

Unity Stone Candle Holders

A natural imported soapstone candle holder which promotes peace and unity

Fossil Stone Dome Desk Clocks

A tiny little desk clock made from a real piece of natural, million year old fossil stone

Rainbow Stone Grandfather Clocks

An absolutely amazing work of natural stone artistry and design. This towering grandfather clock stands at over 4 feat tall, and every inch of it is covered in hand worked details.

Twisted Stone Candle Holders

Another set of imported African soapstone candle holders

Natural Stone Candle Lanterns

An intriguing line of natural soapstone candle lanterns