Archive for May, 2008

Edible Cookie Chess Sets

edible chess sets A chess set made out of cake and cookie dough, which means you get to eat it

Lego Chess Sets - Build a Victory

lego chess sets The famous lego chess set, create your own armies, and then battle it out

Chess Balls

chess ball A ridiculous decorative chess ball with absolutely no use whatsoever. Enjoy

Custom Kids Chess Sets

kids chess set A unique childrens chess set offered on Etsy

Big Bang Jazz It Up Clocks

jazz clocks An artsy clock that embodies the spirit of freedom and chaos that is inherent in a jazz symphony.

Silent Cuckoo Bunker Wall Clocks

cuckoo bunker wall clocks A silent cuckoo clock makes a testament to the horrors of war

Pin Clock

pin cushion clocks A digital clock with a twist, the numbers on the surface of this piece are recreated out of a push pin mesh every sixty seconds

Butterfly Wall Clocks

butterfly clocks A delightful wall clock that features a series of butterflies breaking free to flutter across the canvas wall

Timezone Clock

geography clocks A wall clock that includes a map of the world, with delineated time zones to make converting to world time easier

Etoile Off-Set Wall Clocks

etoile wall clocks A silver and black contrasting wall clock, set with an off balance center to give the piece a unique effect