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20 Home Decorating Tips Submitted By Users

20 tips on decorating and home organization, which were submitted by our loyal readers. It is amazing to see the inspired creativity and the cleverness of these ideas.

List of Unusual Clocks

This is a list of 24 of the most unusual clocks I could find on the web. The most common pieces in this collection are simple computer programs, often based on javascript, that count time in weird ways. However the list covers everything from a giant arch clock that destroys itself, to a series of tiny but strange desk clocks

Anthropomorphic Candle Holders

Tiny little tea light candle holders that look like adoreable woodland creatures

Alphabet Coasters Have Holes in Them

While these jumbled alphabet coasters are clever, they might be too clever, with holes in their surface that allow water to drip through

Blue and White Alabaster Chess Sets

A stunningly beautiful blue and white alabaster chess set

Drunken Defined Glass Beverage Coasters

Those novelty dictionary drunk drink coasters, with an elegant twist. Now, they are printed on glass coasters. Ooo la la

Recycled Bike Chain Wall Clocks

An interesting wall clock made from recycled bike chain rings

Recycled Drink Coasters From ScrapExchange

Some nice beverage coasters made from recycled wallpaper

Japanese Chiyogami Drink Coasters

Drink coasters made from a type of Japanese origami known as chiyogami

Puzzle Picture Coasters

Cork coasters with a picture, cut into segments, to create an interactive party novelty