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Power Decorating

This article discusses the various ways that you can add power, and energy to a space using a variety of decorative interior tricks

How Your Home Influences Your Life

The atmosphere of your home, affects you on both a physical and psychological level. This effect is insidiouse, and potent, and as such should be recognized, and controlled as much as possible

The Significance of Coasters

What is the meaning behind coasters, what is the symbolic importance of their presence in a room? Are there underlying psychological currents which are occurring outside of your notice?

Decorating Ideas - Moving In Together

When moving in together, it is important to incorporate the tastes of both people in order to create a space which makes everybody feel comfortable.

The Philosophy of Inspiration

What exactly is the nature of inspiration? Where does it come from? How can we generate it? Is there any way to control it?

Amber Glow Stone Drink Coasters

A look at a set of printed sandstone coasters, that have been emblazoned with an artists rendition of the inside of a piece of amber, for a dual nature and art union which si quite interesting. This represents the newest addition to the PebbleZ line

Chess Refresher – A Quick Look at the Rules of Chess

Chess is a game of strategy and thought that has been played for centuries. While chess may look complicated at first its complexities are based around a set of fairly simple rules or laws. The rules vary slightly between different places and with different variations of the game such as fast chess or online chess. [...]

An Overview of Slate Wall Clocks

A quick overview of slate wall clocks, including the process by which the stone forms, and the different types of slate we use in our timepieces