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Black and Brown Alabaster Stone Chess Sets

The black and brown alabaster chess set is an elegant piece of upscale home decor. Containing both chess and checkers pieces, the set is fitted into a black hardwood frame that also acts as a storage case.

Rainbow Sandstone Drink Coasters

The highly absorbent natural rainbow sandstone coasters. Just about the most absorbent set of stone coasters that you can purchase.

Onyx Stone Bud Vases

A look at our onyx stone bud vases. a personal favorite, these attractive pieces feature multicolored swirls and an elegant polished finish.

Autumn Natural Stone Tables

A look at the autumn natural stone tables. Built from a variety of broken stones, and autumn shaped pieces, it is set in a soft autumn colored earth tone scheme.

Blue and White Alabaster Chess Sets

A look into the blue and white alabaster stone chess set that is now being offered at

Onyx Stone Drink Coasters

Onyx stone drink coasters. A set of six coasters made from multicolored onyx stone, polished smooth, and coupled with a stunning and unique matches natural marble holder

Quartz Gemstone Candle Holders

This is a quick look at the snow white quartz gemstone candle holders. This new product is crafted entirely from naturally translucent quartz, and they are built to hold a single tea light candle.

Black and White Marble Chess Sets

A spotlight on our line of black and white marble chess sets. Beautifully polsihed, glistening natural marble, carved and polished into a classic refined set.

Old World Palm Drink Coasters

A look into the old world palm absorbent beverage coasters. These attractive pieces are highly absorbent, printed, honed, and equipped with cork backing.