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Natural Slate Bistro Tables

A look at the La Grande natural slate bistro tables. these beautiful mosaic tables are crafted from slate, placed over a super light weight core, and then fitted into a nice border stone design. Available in your choice of size and shape.

Onyx Stone Ash Trays

Natural onyx stone ash trays, made from real imported asian onyx, polished smooth to bring out the full potential of the colors within.

Panther Sandstone Coasters

This is an in depth look at the panther sandstone drink coasters. These are made from the most highly absorbent natural imported Indian sandstone materials

Gemstone Candle Holders

A quick look at our exotic collection of gemstone candle holders, including pieces which are amde from sodalite, amethyst, and two types of quartz

The Advantages of Natural Stone Coffee Tables

A look at some of the unique design elements that are built into our entire line of natural stone mosaic tables.