6 Things You Didn’t Know About Clocks

clock information

1. Pierre Curie first observed that quartz crystals could produce stable vibrations-that is, could serve as clocks.

2. Levi Hutchins of New Hampshire made the very first mechanical alarm clock.

3. When clocks are advertised, they nearly always have their time set to 10:10. This is because it places the hands in an upward, almost “smiling” position while keeping the usual locations for brand markings free.

4. All of the clocks that appear in the 1986 movie “The Labyrinth” have 13 hours instead of 12.

5. The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists maintains a “doomsday clock.” Depending on world events, the clock moves closer to or farther from midnight - catastrophic destruction. The last change was made Jan. 17, 2007, when the clock was moved ahead by two minutes, making it now five minutes to midnight.

6. A left handed clock has hands that go in the opposite, counter clockwise, direction. In this way time appears to go backwards, however, the manufacturers of the clock claim that it is relatively easy for a person to get the hang of telling time.

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