African Soapstone Vases

I have another new PebbleArt product to introduce. This is a simple piece, but it does bear some recognition as it is the very first of our new ine of imported stone products.

stone bud vase

Imported directly from Africa, these tiny bud vases are made from soapstone, a relativey hard and extremely durable natural stone. Hand carved, they have a polished surface that gives the raw material an elegant shine.

The vase stands at about 6 inches, and is intended for just one or two flowers. Although a simple design, the fact that it is made from raw, natural stone which was ripped from an African mountain range gives it a unique quality.

This is just the first of the soapstone products we are going to be offering. We have shipments coming in from India, Pakistan, and Africa, with products as diverse as marble lamps, onyx chess sets, and painted stone candle holders. As they come online, we will introduce them here, as well as in a series of press releases.

This bud vase is retailing for $14.95 and can be seen on the page

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