Amber Glow Stone Drink Coasters

This is the newest of our line of printed stone drink coasters. I will talk more about the others soon enough but I just wanted to explore some of the interesting paradoxes that this particular piece represents.

First of all, the coaster itself is made from natural sandstone. This material is quarried in the southwestern United States, and it has the same porous surface, that allows them to absorb the moisture from a sweaty glass, holding it in its pores until it can be evaporated away into the air. This material is slightly less absorbent than its Indian counterpart, but that also means it is more resistant to stains.

The interesting thing is the printing that is found on the surface of the piece. First of all, the printing process is pretty amazing, whereby it is possible to stamp a detailed, and vibrant image onto the surface of these stones, without destroying the ability of the pores to absorb.

However in these particular beverage coasters you find that the picture they chose to use is that of another type of stone, amber to be exact.

If you inspect the picture you will see that the artist has used a mixture of light and shadow techniques to create a representation of the inside of a piece of amber. While the colors are not vivid in a real life sort of way, they are made dramatic by the use of contrast and explosive visual effects.

However this vision of stone, is also printed onto another stone. In a way, this shapes the nature of the image, because the stone canvas has texture, as well as weight and definition. These factors all serve to give an added depth to the graphic itself, reinforcing its own natural beauty, even if that beauty is just representational.

In this way, these coasters represent an interesting situation, in which nature inspires art, and then affects it, because the artistic rendition is placed upon another piece of art. Anyways I thought it was interesting.

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