American Revolution Decor

Alright so I decided to take a look at what kind of American Revolution decor I could find on the web today. A quick search of google yielded the following items

american revolution decor yielded a Rare American Patriot Tricorn Hat Liberty Goblet. According to the site, the glass dates back to around 1776. If you look closely at the bottom of the piece, you will see that the galss has been turned upwards into a triangular style hat. Those hats are emblematic of the struggle for American Independence, and therefore it is safe to assume that this piece was owned and used by patriots somehow involved, or at least sympathetic towards that conflict. The site goes on to speculate that the lead glass which was used in its construction was not, as was common, produced in England, since they would have had a problem with the symbolic meaning of such a piece, and that it was instead produced in Holland, a country which aligned with France against the British Empire.

american pole head

Next up was where I found this really cool American Pole Head. Apparently these were used by officers as rallying points in a battle, but they could also be used for defensive or attacking movements.

This would be a really impressive piece to hang above a mantel, or in a library, or even an office. It would also be a powerful centerpiece to any American style display that you might want to set up.

revolution chess sets
american revolution chess sets

The next revolutionary decor I stumbled across was on ebay. Here I found a revolutionary chess set that is actually rather impressive. I features two armies, all hand made and hand painted. Here is a list of the characters

King: General George Washigton
Queen: Martha Dandridge Custis
Bishop: Thomas Jefferson
Horse: Paul Revere
Tower: American flag
Pawn: American Infantry

King: Lord Charles Cornwallis
Queen: Esposa del Lord Cornwallis / Cornwallis Wife
Bishop: British Drummer
Horse: British cavalry
Tower: British flag
Pawn: British infantry

The thing is, each face has a pretty distinct personality. Just look at the george washington in the picture above, you can really tell its him.

revolutionary pipe

This one is actually a piece of fake revolutionary decor, but it would still be an interesting conversation piece. It is a replica of the pipe used in the movie National Treausre. Supposedly made during the revolution as a secret clue to help those who are worthy find Americas lost treausre, this piece was built by a professional prop maker, and features intricate designs worked deep into the material of the pipe.


Back to historical reality, we have here a Copper-engraving with contemporary hand-coloring, on laid paper with the Strasbourg Lily watermark. It depicts the battle of Bunker Hill, and has a stated date of 1776. This means that this print is actually a piece of American History, in that it was used to spread the news of the battle of bunker hill, and to help shape the understanding of the new fledgling country, during the trying days of the American Revolution.

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american revolution decor

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