American Traditions – Home Décor Throughout The Ages

When America first became a nation, it was a rough and tumble, rebellious, backwater country. Existing on the outskirts of the world, a whole ocean away from what then was known as the center of civilization, people had to make do with what they found in the land. They made their own furnishings, their own clothes; they built their homes rather than inheriting them from a thousand generations of family members.

This connected the American culture to the natural world, to the very earth of the country. That is why when you discuss Americana style home décor, you are almost always talking about something which was made from natural materials like whicker, hardwood, slate, or cotton.

Early America was also isolated from the world of European design, as well as manufacture. Left to build their own lives, many Americans chose to reject the formality of the old world in favor of the simple, the sturdy, and the functional. This expedience is still a staple of American culture and can be seen in everything from the towering sky scrapers of Manhattan, to the unassuming elegance of an old rocking chair that still works after 200 years of being passed down through generations.

Expedience, rebellion, and a connection to the natural world are some of the major societal factors that influence American designs. We are a people that value innovations which are careful not to reject the spiritual truths which can be found in the wisdom of nature.

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