Amethyst Desk Clocks

This desk clock is crafted from a pure piece of natural amethyst gemstone. A sparkling reflection of glistening violet hues, this clock stands about 7 inches in height, and is affixed to an attractive hardwood base. The face is an inlaid dial, which can be removed for cleaning, battery changes, or to set the time.

Amethyst is a purple variety of quartz. The name amethyst is greek for “to not intoxicate”. This name is derived from the fact that ancient civilizaqtions of the west believed that this stone could prevent one from becoming drunk. For this reasoin it was often worn or carried to parties and social events, and goblets were many times made from this material.

A clock that is supposed to have magical anti-intoxication powers would be a great novelty for a bar, home or public. You could move the clock closer to a person the more they start to slur their speach, and test its effectiveness as a deterent to intoxication.

This stone is also said to represent heavenly understanding, and of the pioneer in thought and action on the philosophical, religious, spiritual, and material planes. For this reason high ranking members of the catholic church often wear rings made of this material.

Amethyst is also the birthstone for the month of february, making this clock a particularly great gift for birthdays during that month.

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