Amethyst Gemstone Candle Holders

This is an interesting new product that we are carrying in the store. Amethyst gemstone candle holders. They are made from real, amethyst, that’s a semi precious natural stone that is often used in jewelry and other decorative accessories. Well, now its used in a line of candle holders, and it looks pretty great.

The holders are about 5-6 inches in length, and maybe 3-4 inches in width, but it varies quite a bit based on the size and shape of the stone itself. Amethyst is a natural material, so the shape, the size, the color, and a lot of the characteristics of the piece can vary to some extent. They all look roughly the same, its just that there is a little variation to the theme, which gives each piece a unique personality of its own.

The amethyst is particularly lovely with a candle in it, because the flickering light of the flame refracts off of the thousand crystalline points found in the stone, creating a stunning multicolored illuminated effect.

This piece is designed to be used with a single tea light candle, and is built with a padded bottom to protect your furnishings.

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