Ancient Egyptian Décor

Decorating in the style of ancient Egypt is an enjoyable and interesting artistic task! The best place to start, when creating a theme such as this, is at the base of the room. This includes the standard features of the space such as color, tone, light, and pattern.

The colors which bring Egypt to mind are earthy tones, and golden hues. Painting the walls in a muted golden color or an earthy brown tone is an excellent start. For a border on the walls, symbols such as a continuous line of hieroglyphics lend an air of Egyptian mystery to any room.

Texture painted walls are another option , and these can give the feeling of an intimate, mysterious, and pyramid-like atmosphere. For a bedroom in this style, a bed comforter in a gold, brown, dark green, or dark red, will mesh well with the earth toned wall color.

To create the feel of a private oasis, mesh netting anchored on the ceiling and draping down to enfold the bed will look lovely and keep beautifully within the theme.

For bedroom furniture, continue to focus on earthy tones, with black fixtures which add a striking quality to the space. In the living room or den use richly toned furniture with luxurious fabrics which will evoke the qualities of a pharoas palace. Micro suede couches in brown or deep gold tones are both elegant and in harmony with the theme.

In ancient Egypt, most homes were quite minimally furnished, and in keeping with this, a great deal of furniture is not really needed. For a functional and unique coffee table idea, a storage chest with Egyptian scenes painted on it is a good option.

Some people enjoy showcasing mummy statues, while others find it off-putting to do so. However the important thing to remind ourselves of philosophically is that the ancient Egyptians believed that death was simply a step on their individual path, and did not view it as a sad thing, but as a moving on to the next phase of life. Canopic jars are another item sometimes used as a decoration. These jars were used to store the internal organs removed during mummification. Replica jars can be purchased individually or in sets and are quite lovely and artistic and would make an excellent showpiece for mounted wall shelves.

For larger statuary decoration, a replica statue of Tutankhamen, Bastet, Horus, or another figure is a nice accent piece and beautifully conveys the look and feel of Ancient Egypt to any room. With just a few key pieces and use of the right color palette, your home can be transferred into an ancient Egyptian retreat.

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