Are Disposable Drink Coasters Hurting The Environment?

sandstone drink coasters

Disposable drink coasters are most often found in bars, and at some small restaurants. They can range from something as simple as a cocktail napkin slipped under a glass, to elaborately branded cork sponges, most often used for promotional purposes. Whatever they are made from the basic premise is always the same, they’re cheap, they’re easy, and they soak up the sop from a glass or a mug.

The problem inherent in these coasters is not that they are destroying the planet. In general they are made from biodegradable paper or cork, and when they are thrown away, they meld back into the environment reasonably enough. Plastic and or Styrofoam models are of course an environmental travesty, but in this ecologically inspired age most establishments won’t consider the use of such items. Those that do should of course, be boycotted.

The actual problem with disposable drink coasters is that they are a symptom of a philosophical error in our society’s way of thinking. Living at the pinnacle of mechanization, it is natural for us to seek the maximum level of comfort, and disposable items provide this. They don’t need to be cleaned, repaired, or cared for. They are garbage, and can just be wiped off.

However the inherent nature of the greed and consume cycle is such that we end up losing valuable time and resources creating new garbage, instead of using that energy on innovation and development.

We are basically stifling our own growth just so that we don’t have to do the dishes.

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