Artistic Stone Mantel Clocks

The clocks below were all created by American artists who work here at PebbleArt Inc. These clocks are crafted from a variety of natural stone materials including sandstone, slate, marble, granite, and onyx stone. Representing the unique vision and raw talent of the designers, these mantel clocks are exquisite pieces of artistic design.

Due to the fact that these clocks are crafted from natural materials, and are made by human hands, every individual clock is going to be unique, and at least slightly different from any other in the world. That is the difference when you purchase products crafted by hand, and made from natural material. You wont get a cookie cutter plastic mold shape, but you will get something which is uniquely beautiful.

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stone grandfather clocks Hand Carved Stone Grandfather Clocks

This grandfather clock is crafted entirely from Indian sandstone slab materials. It features a half inch panel, balanced between four classical support pillars. The entire piece is hand carved with decorative patterns etched into its surface to match the unique beauty of the stone itself.

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Illuminated Onyx Stone Decorative Mantel Clocks

An exquisite natural stone design these mantel clocks are crafted entirely from translucent onyx stone. When the light fixture, embedded behind the stone, is illuminated, the clock begins to glow in a dazzling spectacle of beauty and light

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unique marble clocks Oak Wood Blaze Marble Mantel Clocks

An attractive mantel clock made from oak wood green marble. The surface of this piece is a woodland scene complete with leaves and branches stretching out into the thick of the jungle air. Stylish carvings worked into the border give the piece a finished look.

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mantel clocks Unique Oak Wood Marble Mantel Clocks

This mantle clock has a classic four pillar free standing design, with a single marble medallion suspended in the middle. Both graceful and powerful, the unique features of this clock make it a truly outstanding piece of natural home decor.

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sandstone mantel clocks Executive Rainbow Decorative Stone Mantel Clocks

This tiny mantel clock was crafted from natural imported rainbow sandstone. The colors found in the stone were formed deep within the earth, and have only been enhanced, not added to in any way.

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onyx stone clocks Sandstone Heart Decorative Mantel Clocks

A powerful expression, love has been encased in natural stone, where it will remain unchanged, bearing the weight of the eons for an eternity.

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oakwood unique mantel clocks Black Bolt Artistic Granite Mantel Clocks

An attractive border has been carved into the edging of this unique mantel clock, displaying the natural beauty of the granite stone centerpiece.

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