Artistic Wall Clock Updates

We have just released another artistic wall clock that was created by our new designer, Minerva Stone

mesmerizing black

The first one is called Mesmerizing black. It was carved from Black Absolute Granite using a variety of saws, drills, and chisels, both manual and electric.

As you can see the stone was first polished to a high smooth sheen. This deepened the black, and brought out the crystalline structures within the natural granite.

The designs were created by carving into the polish, to reveal the raw natural material beneath. This creates a pattern which is matched in color to its backdrop.

The design of the piece is a psychedelic array of curved lines, which alternate around the center of the clock, to draw you deeper into the piece. The naturally luminescent flecks in the surface of the stone creates a chaotic pattern that enhances this effect.

The edge of the piece has been beveled to 45 degrees, and inlaid with tiny circles.

This is the second wall clock to be designed by Minerva Stone for our company, and his work continues to impress us. He’s shown an absolute glee for the design work, and has already lain out plans to design several more. He is also starting to experiment with several mosaic coffee table designs.

This wall clock is available to the general public for retail on our website

As always, we will keep you up to date about any future artistic endeavors we pursue.

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