At home in the blogosphere…

Well our company has been getting a little bit of attention from the blogging world. A series of press releases, combined with regular posting and some exciting new happengs have probably combined to get us this kind of attention.

The first mention was in the Long Island Business Blog. They apparently picked up on a press release we sent out about our drink coasters, and did a featured post about us. A well known and respected online publication, their specialty is in profiling local long island small businesses.

Another notable mention was made by the author of Comfortable Castle a decorating blog dedicated to the fginer things in life. They made mention of a post from this blog, where one of our staff authors, Jim Stone (an obvious pen name) wrote about the ancient Spartans, and how we could learn something about organizing our lives and homes from them.

�There has been way too much buzz to thank every website that has featured us in the past few months individually, but collectively we at PebbleArt would like to thank you for your interest. We are always open to discussion and love hearing from other web surfers.

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