Black and White Marble Chess Sets

Today I want to spotlight our lovely black and white marble chess sets These sets are the basic, standard design for chess, that has been used for millenia. When you think of a classical chess set, this is what comes to mind.

Marble is a relatively soft natural stone that is quarried from mountains around the world. It comes in a wide variety of colors, and multicolors. This set is, obviously, made from two different types of marble, a black one, and a white one. The colors are all natural, and are present within the stone at the time that it is quarried.

When the marble is quarried it comes out of the mountain in huge chunks called slabs. these chunks are usually relatively flat, and are chipped off of the side of the mountain using a variety of levers, and or explosive devices, which separates the stone from the land.

Once quarried, the slab is cut down into smaller and smaller sizes, to make it usable for architectural and manufacturing purposes.

In the past marble chess boards and pieces would have been made by hand, meticulously carved by master craftsmen. Today we have advanced machinery which can automatically slice and polish the stone into whatever size and shape is needed. These machines work using either sanding discs, or water jets, to rework the natural stones shape. Some advanced machines even use lasers for this purpose.

The polish of the marble is what makes this material prized in chess sets. Marble can take a particularly high polish, which can make it glisten and shimmer in the light. This property gives the marble chess pieces a sense of dignity, and beauty, which is lacking in other materials.

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