Carved Fantasy Animal Chess Boards and Sets

fantasy chess

These are the fantasy Animals Stone Chess Boards and Sets. The unique pieces are all hand carved from red and antique white African Soapstone. The union of powerful natural features, and individual human worked design, lends each and every piece a character that is distinctly individual.

The king and queen are represented as fierce male and female lions. The pawns are all lamas, the bishops are ant eaters, the knights are coyotes, and the rooks are rhinoceroses.

fantasy king and queen

There are nine different boards that can be matched with the pieces, allowing you to customize the set. The boards are crafted from a variety of natural stone materials including marble, slate, limestone, sandstone, and travertine. While they are made from materials which are imported from a variety of countries overseas, the actual design and craft work is done entirely by united states based artists.

One of the great things about these fantasy chess sets is that you can purchase the animal pieces, and the custom boards separately, giving you complete freedom over the entire process.

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