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Black and Brown Alabaster Stone Chess Sets

The black and brown alabaster chess set is an elegant piece of upscale home decor. Containing both chess and checkers pieces, the set is fitted into a black hardwood frame that also acts as a storage case.

Blue and White Alabaster Chess Sets

A look into the blue and white alabaster stone chess set that is now being offered at

Black and White Marble Chess Sets

A spotlight on our line of black and white marble chess sets. Beautifully polsihed, glistening natural marble, carved and polished into a classic refined set.

Chess Refresher – A Quick Look at the Rules of Chess

Chess is a game of strategy and thought that has been played for centuries. While chess may look complicated at first its complexities are based around a set of fairly simple rules or laws. The rules vary slightly between different places and with different variations of the game such as fast chess or online chess. [...]

An Eclectic Collection of Chess Facts

These are a few facts about the game of chess that you might not know. A random collection, for your edification