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Stone Wall Clocks – An Overview

A brief look at our line of natural stone wall clocks.

Psychology of the Clock

A look at the psychology of the clock and the way human beings relate to time, in accordance with the world around them.

An Overview of Slate Wall Clocks

A quick overview of slate wall clocks, including the process by which the stone forms, and the different types of slate we use in our timepieces

The Congreve Clock

Definition of a Congreve clock and some information about how these rolling ball timepieces work

Earth Tone Wall Clocks

Below you will find a selection of our unique, natural stone wall clocks, that consist of earth tone colors. Many natural stones have a variety of colors and patterns, which occur naturally in the surface. While these displays are unique to the individual piece of stone, we can follow certain “trends” in stones, which allows [...]

Buying A Clock

What do you think about when buying a clock? Are you more interested in utility or beauty? Is color important? Explore these questions and more in this article

Interesting Facts About Clocks

Some interesting clock facts that most people arent aware of