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Ideas for Home Decorating

The art of home decorating is all about arranging the elements in a space in order to create a beautiful and functional environment. This article gives you several ideas for decorating the various spaces in your home, using these basic elements.

Small Kitchen Tables

A look at small kitchen tables, and how they can be used to make the kitchen into a more inviting and social space. offers small mosaic stone kitchen tables in a variety of sizes and shape, and in over 40 different mosaic stone patterns

How Comfortable Are You in Your Living Room?

A quick guide to decorating a relaxed and comfortable living room setting.

Power Decorating

This article discusses the various ways that you can add power, and energy to a space using a variety of decorative interior tricks

Decorating Ideas - Moving In Together

When moving in together, it is important to incorporate the tastes of both people in order to create a space which makes everybody feel comfortable.

Bedroom Blues

Some random musings on what a bedroom should be, both decoratively, and philisophically

Using Psychology of Color to Sell a Home

Some tips for using a persons subconscious reaction to color to help sell your home

Random Home Decorating - User Submitted

A series of home decorating tips submitted by users. Its amazing how creative our readers are

20 Home Decorating Tips Submitted By Users

20 tips on decorating and home organization, which were submitted by our loyal readers. It is amazing to see the inspired creativity and the cleverness of these ideas.

The Philosophy of Decorating Kids Rooms

When you decorate your childs room, you are influencing the environment in which their mind and body will develop. What do you want this environment to say to your child as he/she grows?