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African Safari Decor

This article talks about creating an African safari decor in your home. This process involves the use of real African handicrafts, as well as objects which resemble African themes, in order to add excitement and culture to your space.

Whimsical Garden Décor

Put some fancy into your garden, with the following whimsical garden decor tips and tricks

List of Unusual Clocks

This is a list of 24 of the most unusual clocks I could find on the web. The most common pieces in this collection are simple computer programs, often based on javascript, that count time in weird ways. However the list covers everything from a giant arch clock that destroys itself, to a series of tiny but strange desk clocks

Environmentally Friendly Drink Coasters

While you may not think about coasters when contemplating environmentalism, but there is a subtle powerful link between the two

Coastal Wall Decor

An overview of some of the decorative accessories which are available to lovers of coastal wall decor

American Revolution Decor

An overview of some of the Revolutionary War Decorative products that are available by doing a simple search of the Internet.

American Traditions – Home Décor Throughout The Ages

An overview of some of the cultural, historical, and societal quirks that have influenced American design

Medieval Apartment Décor - Weapons

The weapons of the middle ages are some of the most powerful and potent symbols that we have in our society.

Log Homes – Décor and Decorative Advice

A few philosophical tips to help you understand your Log Home, and how to bring your decorative plans into harmony with the space

Rules for the Game of Chess

Basic information about how to play the game of chess, including rules, special moves, and how the pieces work.