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Ying Yang Time

A relaxing piece of enlightenment, found in a wall clock design

Are These Candle Holders Gothic or Romantic?

A crimson candle holder with a gothic silver base

Mosaic Wall Clock From Ancient Rome

A beautiful wall clock made from an autumn mosaic pattern

Geared – Is This a Watch?

A watch without a face. But still, a cool accessory

Drink Coasters With A Little Extra

Anyone who has ever made chocolate milk knows that the messiest part, is the wet dripping spoon after you take it out of the cup. This coaster solves that problem by giving you a little extra room to place anything that might be messy.

Mirror Clock Reflects The Outer You

mirror clocks A mirror that uses projection technology to transmit a digital clock into the lower right hand side of the piece.

Travellers Chess Set

camping chess set A felt chess board that can be rolled up mid game, and taken down the road, then unrolled when your ready to play.

Sunburst Spokes Clock

rotation wall clocks A trippy spike star burst pattern wall clock, that kind of resembles a spider climbing up the wall

Unusual Hula Hula Wall Clocks

hula wall clocks A unique fused plastic clock that resembles a stained glass application

PVC Grinding Gear Clocks

gear clocks A plastic version of the grinding gear skeleton clocks, that looks a bit more durable than its fancier counterparts