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Amber Glow Stone Drink Coasters

A look at a set of printed sandstone coasters, that have been emblazoned with an artists rendition of the inside of a piece of amber, for a dual nature and art union which si quite interesting. This represents the newest addition to the PebbleZ line

PebbleZ Hosts A Huge - Pre Holiday Sale

PebbleZ is having their biggest and most comprehensive store wide sale during the week of Nov 24th to Nov. 30th

Blue and White Alabaster Chess Sets

A stunningly beautiful blue and white alabaster chess set

Natural Gemstone Drink Coasters

Natural, semi precious gemstone drink coasters, now available from pebbleArt

Midnight Beyond Coasters From Mexico

A brief look at our new midnight beyond imported marble drink coasters

Introducing Coral Beige Marble Coasters

Introducing the coral beige, imported Mexican marble drink coasters. These are the newest addition to the extremely popular line of PebbleArt coaster decor.

Carved Fantasy Animal Chess Boards and Sets

A beautiful set of hand carved, natural stone chess pieces, made to look like two fierce animal armies, facing off across a stone board

Table Top Nautical Clocks

A beautiful, multicolored onyx stone desk clock, made to look like a boat at sea

Artistic Stone Mantel Clocks

An overview of the wide variety of artistic natural stone mantel clocks that we have been designing here at PebbleZ

Marble Mantel Clocks

A quick look at some of the more interesting Marble Mantel Clocks which we have been working on in the PebbleZ imagination studio