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Gemstone Mantel Clocks

Take a look at some of the more impressive, gemstone mantel clocks which we offer in our retail decor store

Natural Stone Mantel Clocks

This post is an overview of many of the stone mantel clocks and timepieces which we offer in our store. This lineup consists of both original designs, and new imports

Decorative Stone Mantel Clocks

Our line of mantel clocks are crafted from unique pieces of natural stone material, making every product we sell a one of a kind.

Unique Stone Mantel Clocks

The mantel clocks that we offer here at PebbleZ are each made unique by the one of a kind piece of stone which is used in its construction

Onyx Stone Umbrella Mantel Clocks

A truly unique mantel clock, made from multicolored onyx, and hand carved to look like a tropical umbrella

Natural Onyx Stone Apple Desk Clocks

PebbleZ has just added a delightful little onyx stone apple desk clock to their collection

Onyx Nautical Mantel Clocks

This nautical desk clock is hand carved and polished from the most beautiful multicolored onyx

Amethyst Desk Clocks

An attractive and stylish desk clock made from real amethyst

Lighted Onyx Mantel Clocks

A beautiful gemstone mantel clock that actually lights up from within creating an amazing spectacle

Rainbow Stone Executive Desk Clocks

A hand carved natural sandstone desk clock, made from real imported Indian stone