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Natural Slate Bistro Tables

A look at the La Grande natural slate bistro tables. these beautiful mosaic tables are crafted from slate, placed over a super light weight core, and then fitted into a nice border stone design. Available in your choice of size and shape.

Quartz Gemstone Candle Holders

This is a quick look at the snow white quartz gemstone candle holders. This new product is crafted entirely from naturally translucent quartz, and they are built to hold a single tea light candle.

The Philosophy of Inspiration

What exactly is the nature of inspiration? Where does it come from? How can we generate it? Is there any way to control it?

Finding Inspiration

Tips for helping you to find your inspiration, during times when you may ahve lost some of your creative momentum

The Chaos of Inspiration

Sometimes we need a little chaos, it keeps us strong, it makes us creative, and it allows us to come up with new concepts

Insperiences, Bringing the Natural World into Our Homes

An insperience is an outdoor experience which is undertaken in an indoor setting.

Spartan Home Decor

Spartans had very simple, functional homes. This is part of their psychology, and is also a part of their greatness.

The chaos of inspiration

The meaning of chaos and disorder in the world of art