Cats Cats Cats Coasters

Being a cat person I have a bit of a soft spot for today’s new product. Cats Cats Cats is part of our printed sandstone collection, and as you can see these vibrant and attractive coasters are adorned with the delightful image of a gaggle of cats, all looking quixotically feline.

These drink coasters are made from natural sandstone which means that they are absorbent, and will soak up the moisture from a sweaty glass. In the past it was impossible to print on a sandstone coaster and have it maintain its absorbency, because the ink would clog the pores. However today thirstystone has developed a method for printing on the stone and maintaining the absorbency, allowing them to put out a whole line of exotic coasters with a variety of images printed on the surface.

To be honest, the absorbency of these coasters is not quite as good as that of an unprinted natural model. Also they are using American sandstone, which does tend to be a little less absorbent than its imported Indian counterparts. However they are still very functional pieces that will definitely protect your furnishings, and they are about on par with natural slate as far as absorbency.

The surface of these coasters is honed smooth and flat, and the edges have been ground to a soft round gradient, giving these pieces an attractive professional look.

These coasters can, as always be found on

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