Chess Refresher – A Quick Look at the Rules of Chess

Chess is a game of strategy and thought that has been played for centuries. While chess may look complicated at first its complexities are based around a set of fairly simple rules or laws. The rules vary slightly between different places and with different variations of the game such as fast chess or online chess. In general rules have been around since the sixteenth century and are now regulated by the World Chess Organization.

Chess is played on a 64 square board with alternating black and white squares. One player plays with white pieces and the other with black. Each player has 16 pieces of which there are six different styles.

The rules of chess dictate that each of these six types of pieces can only move in a certain way and their movements form the basis for the rules of chess. For example surprising to some the queen, not the king, is the most powerful piece on the board as she can move any number of squares in any direction horizontally, vertically or diagonally. The king can only move one square in each direction while the bishop can move any number of squares but only horizontally.

The objective in chess is to capture the king of the other player. This is called a check mate. One of the rules in chess is that if in your next move you can capture the king you have to say check which lets the other player know of your potential win. When this happens the opposing king is said to be in check.

These are only a few of the rules of chess but as you can see this complex game is based on a number of fairly easy to understand rules. The rules of chess may be simple but the game is not and can often run for hours.

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