Coastal Wall Decor

Whether you are looking for decorative pieces with a nautical theme, or are just trying to add a little tropical beach sensibility to your summer palace, there are a wide variety of options when choosing coastal wall decor.

Port Hole Wall Clocks

The most obvious series of products which fit into this category are port hole wall clocks. These are clocks which have been designed to mimic the round holes cut into the sides of ships. Reflecting both the functional necessity of the port hole, and the adventurous spirit of a rousing voyage at sea, these clocks can bring some of the salty sea air into the ambiance of your home.

Nautical port hole clocks can come with a variety of functions, and many offer barometer, temperature, and tide clock dials alongside their standard timepiece faces. Generally small, these clocks are usually less than 10 inches in diameter, and come in a variety of styles ranging from classic bru
shed metal, to whimsical beach sand decor.

Coastal Mirrors

Coastal mirrors are often manufactured from reclaimed drift wood, or other natural products that are gathered from the ocean. Even when they are just crafted from plastic, these pieces tend to be manufactured to mimic aquatic elements such as sea shells, or waves of ocean spray.

nautical decor

There are also a wide variety of decorative wall art and metal carving pieces depicting scenes from the beach, scenes from coast, and ocean view vistas. The piece above, offered by is a classic example of coastal wall art.

Ship Wheels

Who can resist the camp beauty of an elegant captains wheel, sternly adorning a wall or hanging just above a mantel. Symbolic of leadership, vision, and the ability to find the right direction, and get everyone home safely, a captains wheel can be a powerful accent in any rooms decor. Perfect for the old salt in all of us.

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