Coaster Holders Now Available…Finally!

By extremely popular demand, PebbleArt, the manufacturing team behind’s line of original designs, has finally started to produce coaster holders to accompany our line of natural stone drink coasters! In the last 8 months we have been flooded with requests from our customers to include such an item in our product line. Showing that we listen to what you have to say, PebbleArt went to work designing this new product for you. When we were finished we had come up with not just one, but two beautiful display options for our line of natural stone coasters.

The first design we came up with was a simple wooden holder that would allow you to display the natural beauty of the coasters. It had six slots, with a half slot in the front so that the first coaster in the row could be viewed in an unrestricted manner. It was crafted from hardwood, and supplied by an outside, partner manufacturer. The only drawback to this design was that it was not compatible with the African Multicolor coasters, because of a problem with the thickness of the stone. African Multicolor is crafted from imported African stone, and when it reached us it is thicker than the average piece of stone we use by 1/8� Unfortunately this makes it incompatible with the wooden coaster holder, which is designed to snugly hold the thickness of the average coaster. Drink Coaster Holders The second design was a metal and stone coaster holder. We felt we had to build a holder that incorporated our natural stone, both so that it could match the coasters it was displaying, and in order to maintain the integrity of our product line. After all, we are known for designs which incorporate natural stone.

Coaster Holder

The metal/stone holder displays coasters in a stacked alignment, and is designed to hold 4 pieces. The metal is wrought iron in a decorative design that rises in four pillars above the stone. The stone itself is bevel edged, and sits in the center of the coaster holder as the as the focus of the item. We have a couple of ideas for future designs, although we are probably going to wait to release them until at least after the holiday season. We would love some feedback on these new coaster holders, and any ideas you might have for improving them.

Thank you.

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