Country Bathroom Décor

Country style decorating is warm and inviting. It’s friendly, engaging, and interesting but not overwhelming. It represents common values of family, friendship, loyalty, comfort, and acceptance. For all of these reasons and more, adding country style decorative touches to your bathroom can dramatically improve the ambiance of this space.

Boring Cold Bathrooms

Boring and cold are two words that would describe a lot of bathrooms. The tile is unyielding and chilly, the fixtures are precise and inhuman, and the whole space is built to function, not to live.

Country style décor can add a familiar touch to such a space. It will warm the frozen fixtures, and bring comfort to the function of the bathroom. Simple touches, familiar accessories, and engaging colors will all serve to give character to an otherwise sterile location.

Country Style Accessories

The most obvious country style decorating piece is the classic claw or club foot free standing bathtub. An icon of common life throughout the twentieth century for so many people, it is the epitome of this particular decorative movement. Traditionally these bathtubs are floated in the center of a bathroom, but if space is tight you can still push it up against a corner.

The next obvious accessory is a pedestal sink. Since the 1800’s most sinks have been with from vitreous china, a hard, scratch resistant, stain resistant material, which is in its own right an icon of classic bathroom style.

Reclaimed antiques and classic style accessories are the next step to furnishing your country style room. Items made from wrought iron, reclaimed hardwood, whicker, thatch, and natural stone all serve to reconnect the room with the natural world outside. These items can include shelves, waste baskets, towel racks, and toilet seat covers. A grand Victorian mirror can go a long way to adding a major decorative focal point to the space.

One easy way to add country style touches throughout is to replace hardware including doorknobs, cabinet pulls, and handles with antique and distressed country style pieces.

If you have the space, bringing antique furnishings such as a dresser with drawers, or a vanity, can do a lot to give the space the feeling of being a “real room”, rather than just an appendage on the house.

Country Style Bathroom Design

When developing a country style design, people often leave parts of the original architecture of the home showing, exposed through drywall or whatever other surface has been placed over them. This can mean exposed brick, stone, or hardwood foundations, which serve to give the space a more relaxed, natural feel, much like a country farmhouse.

Natural materials are also very important in any country style design. Hardwood, brick, stone, slate, and thatch should all be emphasized wherever they are found in the existing structure of the room. In some cases you may actually want to remove more modern treatments to get at these underlying, original features.

Natural materials can be exposed, installed, or simply purchased in the form of decorative accessories, such as with this natural stone wall clock

One good place to look for inspiration is in Tuscan style designs, where chaos and nature can combine to form an almost sylvan style. Another style to examine is log home farmhouse, which takes the ideals of the country home to the next level, using raw materials, unshaped and in their original natural forms.

Country Bathroom Philosophy

One of the main ideas behind a country style bathroom is that you want people to feel welcome and invited. You aren’t putting on airs, trying to intimidate anyone, you are one of the common people, and all you care about is that everyone around you is comfortable and happy.

A country style bathroom should be soft, warm, and inviting. It isn’t serene, but is instead exciting, in the way that going to a party with a bunch of old friends is exciting. It is just comfortable, and that is the vision you should hold on the back of your mind as you embark on this journey.

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