Create your own, custom, Beverage Coaster Display

Our line of natural stone beverage coasters are available in sets of 4, sets of 6, and sets of 8, with greater quantity purchases receiving a price break. However for a little bit more, our customers can also purchase them individually. This gives you the creative power to design your very own set.

This means that you can choose contrasting colors, such as mountain black with TL honey, to create a powerful and exotic impression.

tl honey coastersmountain black coasters

Alternatively, you can purchase matching colors such as the panther and the red earth coasters. This will create a more soothing ambience.

panther coastersred earth coasters

And of course, you could get really funky and get 8 coasters, all in different colors. Combine any of these custom sets with one of our display coaster holders, and you can get a really impressive effect.

Drink Coaster Holder

Of course, alternative, you could purchase two sets of 4 6 or 8 coasters in different colors, and do the same

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