Crystal Cluster Gemstone Mantel Clocks

gemstone desk clocks

These crystal cluster gemstone desk clocks are the newest addition to our line of natural stone timepieces. Created from a raw mass of quartz crystals, these clocks have powerful rustic feel, that makes them stand out in any room where they are placed.

Because this clock is crafted from semi precious, translucent, jewelry grade quartz, they have an inherent elegance that balances out the raw power of its unpolished surface. The stone itself is affixed to an attractive, hardwood base, and a dial clock is centered on its face, to complete the piece.

This functional and attractive mantel clock stands at roughly 12″ in height, and 9″ in width making it a rather substantial piece. Due to the nature of natural gemstone however,. these sizes may vary slightly. In fact, this natural variation ensures that every crystal cluster clock purchased from us is slightly different from every other, making this a one of a kind timepiece.

Decorative Considerations

The raw uncut nature of this gemstone makes it a perfect piece for a basement decor. The chaotic cluster, and its heavy natural stone exterior, are a good match for the often primitive design of a basement. Meanwhile, its inherent elegance, the semi translucent beauty of a real crystal, will elevate its surroundings, raising the level of elegance in the space.

This is also a beautiful clock to place on a mantel. Its soft white colors can act as a balance to deeper red or blue pieces. Couple it with flickering candles, lights, or other illuminated pieces, and watch its translucent beauty reflect and refract the light in entirely new ways.

This clock would also look appropriate in a kitchen or dining centerpiece, placed on a mantel or dresser in the bedroom, or as a centerpiece in the family den.

Gift Considerations

This is the perfect gift for the rock collector in your life. If you know anyone who is even remotely interested in geology, minerals, and stones, than this is the timepiece for them.

This mantel clock is also a relatively romantic gift, as it is a semi precious gemstone piece, and it does look beautiful in an intimately lit setting.

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