Custom Stone Tables

A lot has been happening here at PebbleArt. We are right in the middle of releasing a whole new product line that will incorporate new artists, new products, and new ideas. It should be an exciting couple of weeks so keep checking back with us

�Today I would like to talk about one of the new services which we have already been offering for a couple of months, and which has been extremely popular with our customers. Custom natural stone tables!

Basically we are making our full inventory of literally hundreds of different types of stone available to you, to select the exact color and features that you would want in a table.

Not only are we allowing you to choose the stone, but you can aso select the exact size and shape of the table. Whether you want a square, a rectangle, or a circle, our team of experienced fabricators can make exactly what you are looking for.

The only real constrain is the stone which we have in stock at any given time. Some stones are available in large sizes such as 24″X24″ squares or slabs that can range from 1′X2′ all the way to 40″ X 100″ These stones can be cut down into any smaller size you want however, obviously, we cant cut them larger.

Right now we have about 10 different stones online at we do have many, many more stones available in our warehouse, so if you have a specific color in mind just contact us and we will do our best to pick the perfect material for you.

There are also a lot of different legs you can choose from. Again, we only have about 4 online, but we are working on eventually having something like 30. Right now we are actually stocking about 3 different table leg pedestal bar bases, as well as about 10 different wood, steal, and iron legs, pictures of which can easily be emailed to you.

We are basically giving you the ability to be the artist, just dream it and we can carve it out of stone for you.

Quotes are also free by email or phone. Emails will generally be responded to the same day, and phone calls are taken between Monday and Friday, 10 AM to 5 PM eastern time.

If you have any questions just write an email to

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