Decorating Ideas With Our Stone Wall Clocks

One of our most popular items is our line of stone wall clocks. Crafted from real imported stone, each one is entirely one of a kind due to the natural materials used in its manufacture. Beautiful in any location, over the years our customers have found many novel arrangements for displaying these pieces. These various methods are inspiring in their creativity, and add an extra dimension to our already highly customizable wall clocks.


Two clocks are better than one, especially when you use a little creativity. Coupling wall clocks can be done in a number of different ways. Two square clocks side by side look nice, but two diamonds look outstanding. This is because a square clock looks complete, solid, but a diamond clock has an inherent subconscious instability, a state of constant becoming, which is balanced by a second diamond.

2 diamond wall clocks

Another way to use two clocks is to have them framing a window or doorway. They can either be aligned at the same horizon one on either side of the entryway, or one can be placed at the top right, while the other is placed at the middle or bottom left.


A triple alignment is very popular for the arrangement of our wall clocks. The human mind likes the number 3, it satisfies some inner need for completion. In decorative arrangements, a triad arrangement can be used to center the eye on the central element, or to draw the view of an arrangement out across a space.

3 wall clocks

The most obvious and simplest way to arrange three clocks is with 3 squares or 3 diamonds. Another alignment can be to square the center, leaving the two sides as diamonds, or vice versa. By choosing to have one clock as a different alignment than the other two, you are drawing the focus of the space to that item. This can be heightened further by choosing a different color for the offset piece.It is possible to align to square next to a third diamond, or vice versa, but this will create an off balanced look. This effect is best used when you want to point your decor towards something just beyond the wall clock arrangement, such as a centerpiece.


When creating wall clock arrangements it is possible to get really crazy and use two or three different colors, mixing and matching them against one another to create a truly impressive display. However it is important to remember that the stones used in creating these clocks are highly variable, and can contain a wealth of unique colors. Therefore it is important to choose basic colors which will match, and to try and avoid stones which will clash against one another. Many pictures are available on our website of each stone. Be certain to examine them carefully to determine the best arrangement for your setting. As always if you need help, you can contact the PebbleArt staff in a variety of ways.

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