Decorative Marble Vases - Fossil Stone

Our collection of fossil stone vases is one of the most unique and beautiful lines that we carry in our store. That is because each piece has a million tiny fossils, actually floating in the surface of the stone. These are dark imprints against a sandy backdrop, which speak up from the depths of history, telling a rousing story of struggle and life and the ancient world that gave us birth.

Fossil Stone Decorative Marble Vases

These fossils were created naturally, and so the formations which occur in each and every piece are slightly different. They stand out because they are darker than the sandy beach backdrop, but that tone cane change from brown to red, to golden in hue. And of course, the patterns themselves can vary wildly, with shells, micro-organisms, leaves, and small plants all mixing and meshing in a unique geological and historical symphony which really tells the story of life itself.

One of the great things about this unique feature is that the vase itself becomes a conversation piece in a room. It is unique, geologically intriguing, and a whisper from the past itself. Fossils are amazing, and owning a piece of fossilized stone in your home instantly adds to the interest of the space.

These vases currently come in two different sizes. We have a larger 8″X4″ vase which is suitable for several flowers, and a smaller 8″X3″ vase which is designed for a single flower display. However they are both quite heavy, substantial pieces. They are made of a solid piece of natural marble, quarried directly from a mountain, and so they have some of that strength, weight and prominence naturally.

The stone itself is polished smooth to a glimmering perfection. Tiny curves and sloping lines have been worked into the design itself, to give the piece and elegant complexion.

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