Double Stone Candle Holders

double stone candle holders

We have another new product to introduce today. This is the double, african stone candle holder. This elegant candleabra is hand crafted from natural african soapstone. Its surface has been polished smooth, to give it a stylish finish, as well as to enhance the natural colors which reside within it.

The natural soapstone from which these pieces are formed contains a subtle mix of hues, which melt lazily into one another. The subdued beige color, which is the backdrop of the stone, is contrasted by a blushing pink cloud, which creeps across its face. This is made more complex by a series of minute flecks which occasionally create a pattern across parts of the stone. The result is a piece of natural art, which is subtle in its detail and design.

This is a rather romantic piece, as the two candle join together to form a heart in the space between them. The symbolism of the double candle design, creates a sense of unity, and sensual beauty, which makes this a lovely gift for that special someone.

You can purchase this new candle holder directly from our site, just go to�If you have any questions whatsoever feel free to contact our�knowlew3dgeable staff at

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