Drink Coasters – The Second Mouse of the Computer Revolution

Computers are evolving by leaps and bounds, with new innovations coming out before old ones can even become main stream. However the basic layout of the modern computer is pretty much always the same. You have a screen, you have a keyboard, and you have a mouse. These can be rearranged and organized in a variety of clever ways, with manufacturers constantly experimenting with new ones, but the premise os always going to be pretty much the same.

The style of the computer revolution has often centered on what is on screen at any given time. However, with the use of computers becoming more common, stylistic trends are starting develop around the accessorizing and complimenting of a computers layout. At the center of this burst of creative spirit, is the innocuous and often over looked, drink coaster.

Beverage coasters have often been coupled with computers without any forethought or contemplation. They are great because they either sop up moisture, or prevent it from spreading. This makes them the defender of the hard drive, protecting it from the fry out effects that come from wet.

Lately however, drink coasters have started to play another role in the world of computing, that of accent point.

You see computers, while able to produce beautiful effects on screen, are often rather unimpressive in basic form. While you can get attractive and artistic skins to dress up their outside, most people don’t, and they’re computers remain, grey, silver, or stark dark black.

Enter into this environment the coaster. A tiny window into a world of art and beauty your coaster is a canvas that can consist of anything, colors, inspirations, even photos of family members. It is your opportunity to personalize the cold and processed world of modern electronics. In this way, the coaster is almost a badge of individuality that may just help you hold onto your sanity, as computers slowly eat the world.

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