Earth Tone Wall Clocks

Below you will find a selection of our unique, natural stone wall clocks, that consist of earth tone colors. Many natural stones have a variety of colors and patterns, which occur naturally in the surface. While these displays are unique to the individual piece of stone, we can follow certain “trends” in stones, which allows us to create different lines of color. The pictures of clocks below demonstrate those lines which are most “earth tone” in color.

Luckily since stone is earth, there are a lot of natural stone clocks which will fall into this category.

Gold Blush Natural Stone Wall Clocks

The gold blush is a type of slate that is imported from the Indian Himalayan mountains. Within the surface of this stone you will find a mesmerizing blend of browns, greens, and golden hues, which fill its face with so much passion and contrast that the stone almost bursts with it.

Many people choose the gold blush wall clock for warm, family oriented spaces, such as a living room, or the bedroom. That is because it has a soft,inviting feel, that almost beams from the face of the piece.

Gold Blush Wall Clock Pictures and and Purchasing Information

Earth Natural Slate Wall clocks

Earth wall clocks are the epitome of earth tone time pieces. The gentle browns and grays that naturally decorate the surface of these pieces, melt lovingly into the hearts of anyone who sees them. however this stone clock is not without a touch of mischief. If you look close, you will see delightful veins of red and orange running in unique patterns up and down the face of the stone. These individual marks give each stone a distinct personality which makes your particular clock a one of a kind work that is just for you.

Pictures and Purchasing Information for The Earth Slate Wall Clocks

Lilac Autumn Stone Wall Clocks

Lilac autumn takes purple, and makes it an earth tone. The royal, regal, stand out color of purple, when placed within the context of this rustic, natural stone surface, is suddenly humbled, becoming the gentle, undemanding earth tone that it was always meant to be.

The rich textured beauty of this clock is unmatched by anything that could be produced by a human hand. Within its surface you get the undeniable fact that mother nature is the greatest artist of all.

More Pictures and information about the lilac autumn stone wall clocks

Multi China Stone Wall Clocks

Multi china is a stone which has a lot of personality. Within its surface you can find a wide variety of hues including oranges, reds, yellows, greens, and purples. These are all mixed together, within a soft, melting gray background. It is that background that allows such a wild and vibrant stone to actually tone down, and be an earth colored timepiece.

The result of the contrast between extreme colors, and gentle tones, is that the multi China stone wall clock is a powerful, and attention grabbing piece in any setting which it is placed.

More pictures and information about the Multi China stone wall clocks

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