Environmentally Friendly Drink Coasters

You don’t usually think of drink coasters as having anything to do with the environment. However coasters are actually an indelible part of the subtle fabric of our lives. They are everywhere, innocuously placed, easily forgotten, acting as beacons of function in our day to day world. That is why understanding them in terms of a green life is so profound a part of becoming a greener person.

Disposability is the most obvious concern. The most common drink coaster in the world is a napkin placed under a sweaty glass. Once soaked, it has become garbage, and a small piece of a great tree may be lost forever. You can at that point recycle it, but most people wont. Even more permanent fixtures such as plastic coasters will eventually wear or fade making their usefulness dubious.

Natural Copper Stone beverage coasters

Considering the trash laden destiny of these items, it is important when making a purchase to choose materials which can be cycled back into the environment. This can include coasters made from natural or bio-degradable materials.

Another way to minimize the environmental impact of your coasters is to recycle old expired items such as magazines or newspapers. These paper products will absorb moisture, making them temporary but effective. If you want something a little more permanent you can use old picture frames or CD cases.

It is important not to discount the impact that coasters have on our lives. Though they may float beneath the better reason of our conscious minds, they are still there, fixed in the gestalt of our world philosophy. As such any environmental move should take into account the impact of these functional items.

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