Fire Agate Gemstone Desk Clocks

This is the Brown Agate Gemstone Desk Clock, now available from PebbleArt Inc. A sophisticated and unique timepiece, it combines the inherent beauty of natural agate, with the hand touched elegance of artistic design, to create a clock which is truly one of a kind.

The stone used in this clock is agate, a semi precious gemstone which is often found in jewelry. This particular agate has a powerful swathe of orange and brown colors running through its surface, which gives the material a unique, and fiery exterior. The stone has been polished smooth, which not only enhances these colors but also gives the piece an inherent elegance.

The hands and face are painted gold, and raised, to give it a substantial feel. The stone itself is set into a hard wood base, which supports it and presents it to the room.

The brown fire agate gemstone desk clock is just $24.95 for a limited time, and is available from PebbleArt inc. on the web page

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