Fossil Sandstone Beverage Coasters Are Back!

The fossil sandstone drink coasters were part of the original product line rolled out by PebbleArt back in 2004. Wildly popular, they quickly became our best selling item. However unfortunately, due to a problem with supply shipments from India, we were forced to discontinue this line for several years.

Luckily we have just sealed a deal with a new quarry in Asia, and we are now able to get regular supplies of the beautiful and vivid fossil sandstone coasters for you once more.

The fossil sandstone is different from the fossil marble coasters, in that the images which appear in its surface are much more dramatic. Generally the marble fossil stone features a wealth of very tiny, hard to identify fossil formations. These are often tiny leaves or shells, or small aquatic organisms.

In the fossil sandstone, you will often see a huge, easily identifiable leaf, right in the surface of the stone. Sometimes you will get a large shell, or a piece of a larger plant.

This is simply due to the nature of the mud and dirt that formed around these organisms, as well as the physical characteristics of the world around them over the years during which fossilization occurred.

Another draw of these coasters is that they are formed from sandstone, which means that the material is highly absorbent. If you put a sweaty glass down on one of these coasters, the moisture will immediately seep into the pores in the stone, remaining there until it has a chance to evaporate away into the air.

The problem with this is that if a colored liquid, such as a fruit juice, spills on the stone, it will enter the pores of the material, and can discolor it, permanently. If this does happen you should immediately wipe the liquid off, and then try to use warm water to extract any that may have already seeped into the stone.

Another draw of these fossil sandstone coasters is that they can be paired up with two of our matched stone holders. They can be coupled with either the iron and stone coaster holder with a fossil stone medallion centerpiece, or a pure stone holder, which will be crafted entirely from the same material as the coaster itself.

The fossil sandstone coasters are available on our site and can be purchased in sets of 4, 6, 8 or individually.

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