Fossil Stone Dome Desk Clocks

fossil stone desk clocks

This desk clock is made from high qulity coral fossil stone. While a beautiful and elegant piece, it is made unique by the natural imprints which can be found within its surface. These prints, thick and patterned throughout the stone, are the actual fossilized markings of creatures that lived millions of years ago.

This clock is like a window back tro an ancient primordial age. Captured within its sandy surface is a scene of struggle, of triumpg and failure, a scene born in our own ancient past.´┐ŻAn instant conversation piece, this clock can keep you mystified for hours by the eternal story which is played out forever in its surface.

One important thing to note, the marble used in this clock is natural, and the fossils within its surface were created without the help of modern man. This means that each and every fossil stone desk clock is different, with its own one of a kind patterns and features.

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