Gemstone Candle Holders

Over the past few months we have put together a relatively impressive collection of natural stone candle holders in our store. While we do have a few marble and onyx pieces in this collection, the majority of our candle holders are now made using semi precious pieces of real mountain born gemstone.

Gemstone refers to crystalline materials, usually minerals, which have an attractive appearance, which makes them suitable for use in jewelry. According to this definition, an object is only gemstone if it is attractive, so much so that it can be considered for use in personal fashion accessories.

There are a number of different materials that can be called gemstone, and we have a nice selection represented in our candle holder collection. First off there are the two quartz pieces. One is a white crystal quartz, which has a soft lovely color that almost looks like snow captured in ice. The other is a rose quartz, which is similar in property, but which is tinted with a rosy attractive spread of hues.

One of the nice things about these two quartz candle holders is that they are semi translucent, which means that the flicker from the candle will atually penetrate the stone slightly, causing it to illuminate from within.

We also have another gemstone candle holder made from exotic Brazilian amethyst. This multi-faceted purple stone features a wide variety of crystalline structures, which almost grow from the base. each of these crystals is capable of capturing the light from the candle, refracting it across a thousand tiny points of illumination.

Last but not least we have a line of Sodalite candle holders. These attractive blue stone pieces are multicolored, and feature a variety of hues which flow in intriguing colors across the surface of the material. While not translucent, there is a rugged rustic uncut quality to this gemstone which gives it a natural quality which works well with the flicker of a flame.

One thing that should be noted is that tehse are candle holders made from a type of natural stone. That means that they are rather hard and heavy. In some ways this is a good thing as they will have more visual density within a room. however you should be aware that these are substantial pieces for the home.

The full line of gemstone candle holders can be seen on the PebbleZ website at

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