Black and Brown Alabaster Stone Chess Sets

This is our line of Black and Brown Alabaster chess sets. This is a beautiful piece, that features two contrasting colors of natural alabaster, that flow against one another to create a dynamic tension, which is only furthered by the glistening perfection of the alabaster material.

One of the great things about this set is that the brown alabaster is a multicolor, with multiple shades of brown flowing through it in unique and exotic ways.

The board itself is set into an ingenious wooden case, which acts both as a decorative frame to the set, and as a chest, in which the attractive and delicate pieces can be safely stored when not in use. This makes it safe and easy to transport the set when you want to play in another room, or even when moving.

The set comes with both chess and checkers pieces, so you can play either game, or come up with an entirely new hybrid. The pieces are all crafted from the same polished alabaster material that the board is made of.

For ecnturies marble chess sets have been the height of elegance. However there is a new contender for the role of most stylish chess set, and it is these alabaster sets that we have presented here.

The boards are available in our retail store from the black and brown alabaster chess set page

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